How to receive massive traffic to your blog everyday

Hmm, this is one of the best blog post you can be finding on the internet, how to get traffic to your new blog. Well, maybe i should ask you, do you own a blog, how many traffic are you gathering per day to your blog, are they worth every $1. Well, i dont know whether you need to answer that kind of question but in this post, I will be sharng with you how to drive massive traffic to your blog everyday. Not only that to make those traffic convert really well.

You see blogging is a funy thing, we hear we can make money with it and boom, we started creating blogs, apply for display ds, they approve us and other affiliate programs but getting traffic is now zero. Maybe we dont even know how to drive traffic to our blog. Let me tell you a little of my story. When i started blogging, i was very equipped, that means i know exactly things to do and not exactly things not to do so that i wont waste my time. Getting traffic was the easiest thing for me that time because i dont really know what to do but guess, i have learnt everything so far in the course i took.

New bloggers, you know the most challenge they face is driving traffic to their new blog and many of them doesnt even know how to optimized their post. Thats pretty bad, you need to leanr how to optimize your posts, well will be discussed very much later. There are lot of ways you can use to drive traffic to your blog, among the ways i will be sharing with you plus my own profound guide.

Kudos to my online teachers that taught me everything while blogging. I can guess as much that, it is very hard to even drive 100 traffic takless of 20,000 uniqe traffic, there are some people that they are receiving millions of traffic per day to their blog, those guys are bullshit mehn, how did they do that. Hmm, well it is very easy, they do that by using something that you dont know and i will be sharing some of the things those big bloggers uses to drive traffic to their blog.

Lets ge started
Traffic is approximately money. Thats the sad truth, if youn have something profitable to share to the world, if none read it, there is no assurance, you can be making money from your blog or your blog business. Things to take note;

  1. Social Media
    Well, this is the fastest way to drive traffic to your blog by just making use of some of your social medias to share posts you wrote on your page and if they like, they are going to share and that keeps you getting more traffic per day, even from 20 to 30 and from there, you are getting somewhere, so deal with it and start making use of the social media, there are various plugins you can use to add social share to your blog posts, so that it can easier when sharing. There are tons of social media you can use, out of them is Pinterest and Facebook. Well these two have been a poweful source for me to gain massive traffic to my blog, which also you can make use of.
  2. Search Engine Marketing
    Well, as the name sounds, search engine marketing, i called it marketing because your blog is a business, that means you need to market it. This is the second best way tto drive long lasting traffic to your blog but as easy it is, you need to be patient. There are lot of search engines on the internt, but which one do you know? ofcourse Google. Yes, google is the biggest search engine on the internet that you can acutally be getting fractions of traffic from everyday. Thats the beauty. What you only need to do, is to do your research, get keywords, the words your fellow bloggers is using and then incorporate those keywords within your blog posts drive traffic easily.

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