How to Succeed online as a new blogger

Hi do you want to know how to succeed online as a new blogger? Then in this post, I will be sharing with you tips on how to succedd and make it as a new blogger. Everyone wants to make it in life thats why probaly you choose blogging to ake money from so that you can achieve your goals in away by getting money from it.

I know you are blank sure that there millions of bloggers on the internet and it is just a minority that is making money. Which is very sad. I dont dispute the fact that sometimes we fail but still with consistency, you can keep doing it and you will make a lot of money online.

i have tutored countless number of bloggers on how to make money online and it is just few that is really making money online, not because of the teaching now but because of the action they didnt took to place. I want you to get it right. Blogging is one of the lucrative job on the internet right now because even big companies are having a blog, you know why? Becuase it is one of the biggest content marketing platform you can use to market your products online. But many bloggers still dont know that fact but i want you to know the fact.

As i have seen some bloggers that took more than 3 years before they start making their own money and thats the fact. A blogger once approached me that he needed ways to make money with his blog that he has spent more than 2 years blogging and have not being succesful with it. Well thats the sad truth. Blogging is not something you just put out and start dong. you need to learn the skill to be profitable and market yourself.
You see to succeed in blogging, there are some little things you need to put in place and they will listed below;

  1. Gather information
    I know many bloggers are just in rush to make money, boom , a get rich quick system but dont get it twisted. Blogging is not like that, it is a step by step process unless you have a lot of money to start with it, if you dont maybe it is only your capital, then you have to gather information. See this where many bloggersw also make mistake, in the gathering of information. There are tons of useful and bad information on the internet, some saying oops, you can make thousands of dollars befor this week runs out, you should know that, that kind of information is false even before telling.I want you to know that there are as well useful information on the internetm, you just have to do your own research and boom get the result. When i started, i read bullshit online, felt for some and wasted money and some took me by grace not to spend rush money. Information gathering is very good to succeeding online
  2. Take Action
    Oh dear, i can talk about this shit for years, yes for years to come, now that you are reading this, many people wont still take action, they are looking for fast ways to make money online, you see rome is not built in one day, you know that quote. Yeah to build a passive income online, then you need to take action. Do and perform, dont be like dont worry, the stuff gonna work. What of if the information is actually false, what else could you do? Take action and play with the games and see for yourself the ones working and the one that are not.

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