I have been blogging for over five years, ,my experience

This is one of the best post I will be sharing with us on blogging on what have achieved over five years of blogging. If you read carefully, it is something that is going to change your life for ever. Yeah, I decided to write this post because one of my readers said I should tell them their stories on how I make money online and how have been blogging for over five years.

Blogging has been something magical and something that have really changed my life for the better, it is something that have really change my relationship with people and it is something that can change yours as well. Let me start with how I started blogging

I was in high school that time and from my background, I was kind of bit down with money but that wasn’t really the problem, I just want to make money online. So I google something “how to make money”and there I saw a woman who is selling a course on how to make money online for like $100 and I was like seriously, I couldn’t even can afford up to $10 talkless of $100, but I was very sceptical to learn how to make money online as well and I had to save up so I can learn, I took my time to quickly gather the information and I was able to learn very easily.

When I start with the course, it was something I didn’t expect, something that was like mirage to me something that looks not appealing, but I keep reading, the one actually exposed me to several ways to make money online but wasn’t getting that idea to make money online. She just mentioned a lot of ways but most of them needs capital and because of that, I didn’t even know what to do but had to get started.

Because of the investment of other business I doesn’t have, I saw blogging being the easiest for me to make money online, so I started reading but hey the blog the one taught us to teach is how to create a free blogger well as at that time I was quite happy because I was looking for free things after spending like $100 on the course. Well that took me to where I am going.

With time, i was able to make the money i invested, even more than the expected one. Bloggin as at the time i started wasnt something so sweet like, i had to pass through the tick and narrow of it because i know there is light at the end of the tunnel. SO i keep doing it and doing till i got succeeded in what am doing.

Even sometimes i would just sit and say my money is now a waste, what could i use it for. I am not making money atall, but i dont know maybe because i was surrounded with my pros, they were all guiding me through the way and was able to start making money in no time. So one lesson i would like you to take with you is to have someone guiding you and you can actually do it

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