I Make $500 three month of blogging, my own guide

Hi, in this post I will be sharing with you my experience on how I make $500 three month after blogging. Yeah I know that there are a lot of fake posts promising he makes over $200k in a day from an online by just putting $20, you should know that’s just bullshit and crappy stuff. Even some bloggers do that as well, promising you that you can actually be making thousands of dollars per month even when them have not started doing it.

Well, I will be sharing my own guide on how I make about $500 after three months of blogging. Jon chow one of the best bloggers said if you want to start blogging, then make sure to take it as a business. I took mine as a business, that’s why I am succeeded in it, if you want to make money with blogging, then you can actually be making thousands of dollars per month.

When I started, let me say when i have known and discovered ways to make money online because I acutally bought a course on how to do that, so I learned so much that it really hellp me but there are somethings that many people don’t also do while launching a blog and whats that, how to receive traffic to their blog.

That’s a very big thing to notice but still you can be making thousands of dollars per month if you do everything okay.
Before I launched my post, I have been into writing like up to 25 blog posts, there are a lot of reasons why you need to do and I will explaining now, most of the time when I visit a new blog and I realize that this blogger doesn’t have much to give, you know what I do, I drop and let it go.

Because the blogger writing might be willing to help but if he is not so much with the post of a thing then you can be sure that it cant help much.
For you to start on any blog, start with atleast 25 blog posts, with that anybody viewing your blog will know that you are not just starting, it has been a while and it will keep on coming, to be sincere, there are some blogs that I go there everyday to study the latest info, do you know why? Because I want to be updated and the more reason why is because this bloggers are updating their blog posts everyday or every week.

Then after writing the 25 blog posts, I had designed the pins that I am going to use for my blog posts and then straight to joining group boards that are relating to my niche. After doing that, I was able to get assured of starting, that’s the work before that I am doing.

When I finally launched the blog, I was very equipped with posts and as well as with random traffic, maybe 10 today or 7 tomorrow, then after a month, I have received over 10,000 visitors to my blog, hey I tell you as low as that it, you can be making thousands of dollars with it. So what then did I do, I make use of pinterest and I start getting traffic to my blog and that really converted for me.
That’s how I was able to make $500 three month of blogging. You can do the same as well.

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