Is there anything called Social Media Marketing?

Hi, this is part of the post that is going to help you a lot in blogging. In today’s post, I will be sharing with you what social media marketing is. I know a lot of you have messaged me concerning the whole issue of writing on social media marketing. I have been talking about marketing for so many years now and it has been one of my major success. How to market anything to anyone. It is just something you can do.

But before we start, what is really marketing, maybe this is your first time you are knowing about social media marketing or marketing itself. Marketing is the act of selling something to someone. Yeah that’s just the simple definiton of marketing. If you don’t know about marketing, I tell you that you wont be able to make money with any business you are into. So that’s the meaning of marketing?

Then what is social media marketing, it is the process of using social medias like facebook, twitter, instagram and a lot of them to do marketing. There are a lot of advantage to using social media to get more clients because they are full of people, it is something that you can start now and also get result depending on how you set it up.

Lets break down on what Facebook marketing is? Facebook marketing is the process of using facebook platform to market your products, yeah to be sincere not all market products can actually do well on facebook, not everything but I can tell you that 70% of any product can still be succesful with facebook marketing but you doing some little approach to it.

There are a lot of tools you can use to sell your products online and also helping you to build your online presence. There are facebook pages and facebok groups, maybe you are the one on a very low budget, you can make use of Facebook page and groups to get clients.

How? It is simple, depending on the product you are selling, you can actually invite all your friends to like your page. If they do, and you keep on updating the pages, they will start liking and the more your pages gets, the more facebook shows it to people to able to view and like as well. All these are just getting free organic traffic to your pages which are very important and on the long run can make you a lot of money as well.

There is also another one called Instagram marketing, ofcouse am sure most of you are on instagram, if you have products that are mostly visual like Fashions like that, you can definitely make use of instagram to showcase your products and tags some relevant keywords. Yeah tagging keywords that you know are doing well can really give you free followers to your page. It is that simple, some people just post without tagging well it is not good enough to do that because you can actualy get free traffic and free followers from instagram to your business and sell.

In addition, there is what we called, Twitter marketing, it is the process of marketing your products online and as well getting serious clients on the platform.
Using all these are all marketing scheme that you can use to get more clients to your business

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