Search Engine Optimization Guide

Do you want to learn how to learn what search engine optimization is? Then in this post, I will be sharing with you what search engine optimization is and how to make use of it. Search engine are like Google, yahoo that you can actually use to gain more traffic to your blog.

Most of the challenges that most blogger faces is how to optimize every of their posts to fit to search engine and it is really a very bad thing to do because they are losing a lot of traffic on the go. When I first started blogging, jeez I don’t know about optimizing your blog posts or sort like that but I just keep posting and posting and never stop posting but hey well it did well but havent gotten more traffic that I now have.

There are a lot of advantages of using search engine optimization if you want to be a successful blogger, do you know why? Because you can actually be getting free traffic for ever on the blog. It is that simple. Optimizing every of your posts will help you to gain a lot of free traffic but there are some things you need to take note.

Before you can do your search engine optimization very well, there is need for you to able to do your research. Yeah that’s the first thing you have to do to able to optimize your post very easily. It is very important to do your research so that you can easily optimize your blog posts. How do you do your market research, there are three simple rules you can use to do your market research

The first one is Following your Pros, yeah that’s one the best thing you can use to do your market research, you don’t have to buy some expensive keyword research tool, just take their blog url and paste on google trends, it will shows the one that are trending at present, it is something you can do and keep doing.

When I started blogging, I don’t even know what to write until I started following pros in my niche I was confident that any post I will be publishing with a good writing skill will surely hit a good traffic on search engines.

The second best way to doing your keyword research is using some paid keyword tools, it is going to tell you what exactly is going on with the keyword you think people are looking for, if you want to write on a long tail keyword, it is still better to do your research because you might be shocked that they have a lot of competition in that niche which you have to take note very well.

Then after getting your keywords, which ofcourse a long tail keywords, then you incorporate those keyword into your blog posts for search engine bolts to easily derive it and the more you do this, post more with the same keywords, search engine like Google will start getting you good traffic for sometime.

Do that and you will start getting a lot of traffic from search engine daily, monthly and yearly.

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