Self clicking to Adsense will get your Adsense banned? Why

Ok, i know many of us are eager to make money online? Yes, i know that feeling of hastiness to make money and during that time, we tend to do some funny stuff that is not funny. I understand a s blogger, havent tried everything and still not working and you are like what the fuck, why are you still not making money.

There is a student of mine that needs money badly, well i dont know he needed money badly so he came acrosss my blog to learn how to make money from and even bought my course and i was like well, good for him, he bought domain name and hosting and he was good to go but what could after?

He said his account is banned from adsense, i was like what the hell, how possible is this, do you do anything stupid to get your account banned, he said No, he just click some ads so that he can make some money and then after like 2 days his account was banned, i was like what happened, did i taught you that to do selfclicking, he was like he had to do it that needed money so badly thats why he is into that stuff.

I laughed and i was like what the hell, after taking your time to write unique posts, set your posts in order and then you still got your account banned, thats weird men.

Many bloggers are in haste to do self clicking on adsense ads and some of them even use VPN. The funny story is this, if you use VPN on your ad, forget it yoyu will be banned before you notice it, some are even using fake traffic to make money from adsense, well the sad story is this, dont be deceived, google is smarter than you. Let me even put it this way, let say, Adsense is not aware, isnt that bad way of making money online?

After analyzing his case study to my students, some students asked, how does Google know you self clicked your ad? It is very simple and i will let you know in a jiffy.

Current Location: Do you know that google can easily detect your current location through browser either on Mobile phones or computer. It is the easiest thing to do, google notice the ip address where an ad is clicked and if the same address clicked another day, and another day, ofcourse even simple computer will detect that you are receiving traffic from this source not to talk about almight Google

Your location is a very important tool for google to know that you are the one self clicking, another case is you using your vpn to change your location. I laugh at this disclosure, is that word correct. Some people know that okay, Adsense got them, what else could they do to make money from adsense, then you know what they did. Change their current location.

Well, you dont know what is going on with Google, while will you use VPN for almighty google not to find out. Most VPN serves is what google knows about. yeah, dont be shocked about this, Google knows mostr entirely every VPN servers so why choose it to make money it is not advisable and wont advice you to do that.

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